Bavarian Company Offroad Monkeys continue to innovate. The company’s stated mission is to make great vehicles, Land Rover Defenders, even better.

The company does this by producing a range of extremely strong, and high-quality Land Rover parts. The range of parts produced by the company continues to grow, and it has just added two new products to its range.

The NEW Offroad Monkeys Door handle

Adding a new highlight to the interior of the Defender is the new Offroad Monkeys interior door handle. If you want to customise the interior of your Defender these handles are just the thing. Made of high-strength aluminum and with a leather strap, this handle replaces the bulky original plastic handles in the interior.

Made from high-quality materials

The second new product is the adjustable mirror arms made of high-strength aluminum, and available in 2 lengths. The mirror arms are designed to be a visually perfect match to the high-quality aluminium door hinges also produced by the company, but will also fit any original frame. The arms have a sophisticated folding mechanism with a hardened grid disc which holds the mirror firmly in the direction of travel even at high speeds without fluttering or folding. When traversing narrow passages in the field, the mirror can be folded close to the vehicle and you still have a good view in the rearview mirror. The arms are available in original length and 100mm longer. The long version is ideal for driving with a trailer or box body.

These two new products are just the latest of a range of high-quality Landrover parts all designed and 100% manufactured in Germany.

The product catalogue from Offroad Monkeys continues to grow, and it now produces a range which includes door and rear door hinges, window blocks and window blocks with LED lights, bonnet hinges, sliding window covers, and adjustable mirror arms.

The all new mirror arms

Precision made

Known for its quality and design, the company has also become something of a lifestyle brand , and also sells a range of quality merchandise around the Offroad Monkeys brand including Petroleum lamps and T-shirts. The newest T-Shirt in the range answers a very important question. Who has the coolest Landy? – You! Of course. The new Off-road Monkey T-Shirt “My landy is cooler than yours” – the name says it all , outfitted with the monkey-strong parts of the Offroad Monkeys, both your Defender and this quality shirt can accompany you on all of your on and offroad adventures.

The new (and very cool) T-shirts

The Offroad Monkeys is also a lifestyle brand


High Quality LED lights and fixtures


Machined from Aircraft Grade Aluminium