Just because you are camping does not mean that your should be denied a good brew of coffee first thing in the morning.

There is something very special about getting out of your tent after the sun has come up and preparing a nice cup of coffee as you take in your surroundings. Coffee lovers don’t do instant coffee very well and thanks to a variety of Petromax products now on the market we can now brew and enjoy a nice cup of coffee while sitting around the morning campfire.

The Petromax Percolator is a very stylish piece of kit, made of stainless steel allows you to prepare aromatic coffee or tea with a unique aroma. No matter if it is hung over the fire with the practical handle or used classically at home on the electric or gas stove – the stainless steel Petromax Percolator is the perfect jug for making a great coffee. Like all Petromax Camp Cooking gear, this is made to last.