Spanish Company Bravo Snorkel designs and manufacture high performance, modern vehicle snorkel systems. The company launched a new website earlier this year, and has launched several new products that will be of interest to both professional and private customers.

This company has recently launched a new website that provides a range of product information to an international market and content will be available in Spanish, English, French, German and Italian. This new site replaces the company’s older Snorkel4x4 distribution platform website, and going forward all sales and interaction between Bravo Snorkel and its customers will be through the new Bravo Snorkel website, including the availability to make online orders.

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The company has also worked to make the export of products out of Europe an automated and streamlined process.

Focussing on professional distributors and resellers, Bravo Snorkel offers detailed product information including information about the product, its fabrication and logistics in addition to the performance and testing results of the kits and various designs.

The website also provides product information videos and other interactive resources. Bravo Snorkel is a top snorkel producer at the European level with the stated goal of satisfying its customer base of demanding and experienced off-road users who seek a high standard snorkel with the best warranty at an affordable price; a combination that has never existed before.

Jeep Wrangler Snorkel

This new snorkel design was revealed at the end of last year in Italy, and now is finally coming to the market with both versions shown, standard and compact.

The first version will become available in June 2020, with a standard configuration of a replaceable head for users who need the highest wading capabilities, or for those that need to install a cyclone pre-filter installation for use in extremely dusty conditions.

The Compact version is specially designed for those Wrangler owners who love to fold down the windscreen on summer’s day but still need to protect the engine, this snorkel option is very capable and still offers the opportunity for fresh air and also for great performance. This option will also be available during summer 2020.


Both of these snorkels can be installed in less than 15 minutes, and the bodies and components are designed to be compatible and so the standard can be swapped out for the compact in 5 minutes and vice versa. The configuration of the ducts provides the required airflow to the engine. Bravo has put a huge effort into keeping the sections of the airflow and has created a configuration that doesn’t require any holes or cuts to be made on the vehicle. A Replaceable shorter antenna will also be included in the kit.

Volkswagen T5/T6 Snorkel

The most in-demand snorkel kit since it was revealed is very clearly the Bravo Snorkel SVW6 for Volkswagen T6 and T5. The snorkel is designed for easy installation on 2.0 vehicles and left hand drive, and later this year a variant for 2.5 engines and also suitable for right hand drive and both 2.0 and 2.5 engines will be released.

This snorkel has been tested by the team at Bravo under the very harshest conditions of the Morocco desert. This snorkel noticeably improves the performance of the Volkswagen vans whilst also looking great and having a unique design that differentiates from any other snorkel seen before.

Aesthetics are a very important issue for the team at Bravo and the believe in striving to create the perfect balance between the best performance increase and also providing a modern and good-looking accessory for the most exacting customers. Bravo say that you should ‘Be proud of what you are driving’.

Mercedes Sprinter 907 Snorkel

Owners of the New Mercedes Sprinter 907’s have been clamouring for a snorkel since the vans have been launched on the market, both for the 4×4 and 4×2 versions. The new design of the sprinter focussed on the fender and bonnet , and it made this made the design of a snorkel for the vehicle more difficult, as the design made it quite difficult to reach the inner ducts and airbox.

However the final design of the Bravo snorkel is a very nice snorkel body that follows the lines of the sprinter design, making it appear very integrated to the vehicle’s shape. The kit was to have been revealed at the 2020 Abenteuer & Allrad Expo at Bad Kissingen, as we all know the expo had to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak, however the snorkel is available via the website and may be presented at other expos before the end of the year.

The Mercedes Sprinter Snorkel follows the lines of the vehicle