Uniflame Camping Table

We have been using our tinny (small metal fishing boat)  a fair bit over the last few weeks heading off up river on some weekend camping and fishing trips where our swags were our shelter of choice. Because we have been bringing the bulky swags and our boat is pretty small we have been limited in the type of camping gear that we have been taking on these trips.

Simply wipe down the surface after preparing your meal

The main items brought included our camping stove, kitchen utensils, swags, camp chairs and of course our food and a change of clothes. Another item that has sneaked its way into the boat includes the Japanese made Uniflame Camping table now available in European through the DRIFTA European website. DRIFTA sent us over the table to use and all we can say is that it’s a gem of a small table.

Its a perfect size for packing in the back of your 4WD or in your boat

Like all Uniflame products in fact any product that is associated with DRIFTA it is made to last a lifetime and its size makes it perfect for camping.The flat-packed table is made in Japan, the surface of the table is made from sheet steel, the strong legs are aluminium and it is finished off with very well presented timber ends. It is also incredibly strong and well able to hold heavy cast iron pots amongst other things.

The high quality steel surface makes it perfect for placing hot pots on

One of the real selling points for us is not just the fact that it is very well made and will take a hammering but that you can place hot pots and pans on the table without worrying about getting it burnt. Also assembling it and packing it away is simple and fast, the legs sit flush inside the table for storing, and they are secured with the two side clips it is as simple as that. You can order the table online from Drifta

Simply wipe down the surface after preparing your meal

Set up: 550 x 350 x 370 mm high
Folded: 550 x 350 x 25 mm
Weight 2.3kg

DRIFTA Bootliner Bag

You can also get one of the DRIFTA custom made bootliner bags for the UNIFLAME table. Like all DRIFTA products this is made with a lot of love. The bags velcro allows you to access the table quickly and nealy hugs the table keeping it protected from getting scratched and damaged.

For more information check out the DRIFTA European website at www.drifta.eu.

Uniflame Skewers

Man has been using Skewers to cook food for hundreds of thousands of years with one of the most famous skewered foods being the Turkish Shish Kebab. It is such a great and relatively healthy way to cook camp food over a fire pit or charcoal. The UNIFLMAE skewers come in two lengths the,270 or 400 mm long.

The 270 is great for laying across your fire pit give you plenty of length to add your favourite meats and vegetables. Like all the Japanese UNIFLAME products they are very well made with the double-needle on these ones made from stainless steel, they also have a beautiful hardwood handles which adds to this classy looking skewer.

Its also perfect for putting on a few marsh mellows and are always hand to have in your vehicle. These skewers are also available through the DRIFTA European website at www.drifta.eu

Uniflame Toaster

Who says you can’t have a nice American style toasted bagel on your next fishing or camping trip. We have had a toaster thingy in the back of one of our Land Rovers for years and it has always frustrated us, mainly because it needed to be assembled every time we wanted to use it, it was a pain and time waster.

Recently, since we acquired the much higher quality and compact UNIFLAME version from DRIFTA the other one has been thrown in the bin, no comparison when it comes to quality and functionality. The one thing that has to be said about DRIFTA is that they always seem to bring these incredibly easy to use and practical camping products to our attention.

The UNIFLAME toaster is made from Japanese stainless steel and can be set up in various configurations depending on what you want to toast, the V shape configuration will allow you to toast two bagels or standard pieces of bread at a time. The portable toaster can also be purchased with a high-quality custom made DRIFTA boot liner bag that houses and protects the toaster.

The toaster also has a high-quality steel mesh and handles that makes it very easy to use. Simply place your bread of choice and set the optional configuration that suits, place on your burner and bob’s yer uncle, you will be able to serve up a perfectly and evenly toasted piece of bread, bun, bagel our anything else that fits for that matter, in no time at all. When not in use simply fold back into the flat-packed position and pack away until it’s next use. It’s as simple as that.

Check out the UNIFLAME Toaster on the DRIFTA website by clicking here.