You might have seen some of these awesome looking vehicles doing the rounds on social media in recent times and after getting to see a version of one up close at the Abenteuer & Allrad show in Germany, they look as capable as they do on the internet. Originally designed and built by a Russian company they initially produced approximately 250 and called them the “PETROVICH” all-terrain vehicles. It all started back in 2008 when the prototypes successfully travelled to remote parts of Russia tackling extreme conditions. After some company changes and vehicle modifications the new Russian model is now called the Krechet and it made its debut at the off-road fair Interpolitex in 2017. In Europe, after considerable modifications by Czech mechanics, it was renamed Outbacker 6 x 6.

The modified Outbacker proved to be a very popular attraction at the 2019 Abenteuer and Allrad show with lots of curious visitors having an up close look at this 6×6 monster.
The 6×6 vehicle on display has had a number of modifications installed with the work taking place in the Czech Republic. What you now have is an off-road category Z transporter with two external side coolers. One of the real exciting things about this vehicle is its ability to float on water. The driver can regulate the tyre pressure from the built in compressor and pretty much take this thing anywhere. Other key features added included a multimedia display which helps with navigation and with reversing cameras allowing you to get that perfect parking spot outside the supermarket. Under the hood, you will find a 2.3-liter diesel engine from Iveco.

The Outbacker is sold as a five-seater up to 3.5 tons, so you only need a category B driving license. There is also a nine-seater option available, but you will need a category C drivers license. The vehicle has a standard front and middle axle, the third axle is mechanically connected by a lever from the driver’s seat with all of the axles having self-locking differentials.

You can also get a shortened 4×4 version should you want to downsize. The maximum speed is about 70-80Km so don’t expect to be able to speed in this on the open road.