When it comes to building complete overland solutions for adventurers and explorers, for us, the Khaya 4 is our greatest build to date… and it took only 18 years to make it happen’’, well that’s according to Alu-Cab who take great pride in their creations..

The Khaya 4 is a four sleeper camper that balances comfort with real adventure capability.Alu-Cab highlighted that thanks to collaborative efforts with various rental companies and overland tour operators, they are now very happy with the end product particularly with the space achieved within the frame of this lightweight, flexible, and corrosion-resistant aluminium camper.Let’s have a closer look.

Distributed by Genesis-Import in Germany the Khaya 4 is a drive-on / slide-off unit, basically meaning that the camper is not permanently attached to your vehicle and can be removed in forty five minutes. Which means that the functionality of your pick up is never compromised and you can still use it as your daily work horse or daily driver.

The Khaya 4 has been designed to fit most mid size load beds allowing the Khaya 4 to be easily attached to another vehicle.


Also similar to other Alu-Cab camping solutions the Khaya 4’s roof (and tent) pops up in seconds; and because the bed also flips up, you can stand upright in the camper.

For more information on the Khaya camper click here or if you are attending the 2019 Abenteuer & Allrad show you can visit the Genesis Import stand and have a closer look. E09 / Halle 1