Coming Soon the Falcon Awning- James Baroud has a new awning on the way simply called the Falcon 250. This is an impressive looking self-supporting awning that has an integrated tunnel pass through to your James Baroud tent. The awning is made from reinforced aluminium and stainless steel construction and is also available with fully-screened sidewalls and vertical support poles/guy lines for windy conditions.

High quality hinge system on Falcon

The cleverly designed tunnel attachment allows shelters the entrance to your James Baroud tent meaning that you don’t have to worry about getting wet when getting out of your tent on a wet or misty night. There are a couple of enclosure options for the Falcon Awning these include the net room which provides an enclosed insect-proof area around the ladder entry section, also the wrap-around sidewalls form a large sheltered space, both enclosure options can be used together or separately, depending on your requirements.


The canvas used in the awning is similar to that used in the James Baroud tents
which incorporates aluminized coats that reflect the sun’s ray. This is important as in warmer climates it will reflect heat, the canvas is also UV resistant.

The Falcon Awning Includes:
– James Baroud Falcon Awning
– Mounting Bracket Kit
– Support Poles
– Guy Lines & Stakes

We all know that James Baroud build premium hard shell roof top tents that are both designed and handcrafted in Porto in Portugal but did you know that you can also purchase by special order any of the five rooftop tents in over 250 colours. Yes that’s pretty much any of the RAL colours, so you can now order a tent to match your hair colour, your vehicles colour or simply your favourite colour in the whole world.

The process is simple you just select your favourite colour from the provided colour reference and James Baroud will do the rest. You will have to pay an additional sum for a colour that is not standard and wait a little bit longer for the tent to arrive as it will be a special order. Should you decide to put in an order for a specialised colour of your choice , James Baroud simply apply your colour by using a colour dyed protective gel coating, James Baroud have been using this process on their standard colour tents since they first started building there high quality tents.