Roof Top Tent Annexes for Comfort and Convenience with TEMBO 4×4.

Annexes are great, adding a little luxury and convenience when on a camping trip. An annex is the large room that you sometimes see hanging underneath a roof top tent. Annexes hang from the area of the roof tent that folds out and enclose the area underneath the tent including the roof tent ladder. Annexes generally come with a tough wearing PVC floor that help to seal the room from the elements, wind rain , and can also help to keep out unwanted visitors such as bugs and snakes. The room created by an annex is great to have. This large, waterproof room can be used as a living space, where you can setup tables and chairs and sit inside in wet or cold weather, it can also be used as an enclosed storage space, containing your geat boxes and portable fridge, or if there are a few people camping, can also be used as an additional sleeping area.

We have been using the Tough and hard wearing Tembo 4×4 Roof top tent and annex for many months now, and we almost always use the annex for the additional comfort and convenience that it brings.

The floor is optional to use, however we generally do use it as it ensures that your gear stays dry, but also helps to keep the walls of the annex in place in windy conditions. During the summer we have had a few trips where we experienced nothing but non stop torrential rain for up to 3 days at a time,  and it was great to have the option to retreat into the annex, sitting on a chair at a table, enjoying a meal or watching a movie.

We all enjoy camping trips for the opportunity to experience the great outdoors, but its definitely nice to have an option for when the weather is too poor to really enjoy being outside. If its a sunny or warm day, its possible to roll up the window panels to let air circulate through the annex while not allowing insects or bugs through the fine mesh. At night we hang an LED light along the top of the vehicle to provide illumination. It really can be a very cosy space to enjoy on cold evenings when it is wet or when a campfire is not an option.

The interior rear wall can also be zipped closed or can be opened and rolled up to allow access to the side doors of the vehicle through the back wall of the annexe.

So in a sense the annex is also an extension of the vehicle , a little series of enclosed spaces, that includes the tent, the annex and your vehicle , all of which are accessible without ‘going outside’.

An annexe like this is the perfect place, to cook, work and plan your route, while the outdoor environment is a little too harsh to sit outside.

Tembo Produces a range of tents made from heavier than usual canvas which are suitable for use in cold and wet environments. Learn more at :

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