The Benefits of Using Roof Top Tents- The Tembo 4×4 Roof Top Tent

In our last Issue we explored the history of tents. Tents have come a long way over the last 40,000 , and today, tents are used for a wide variety of leisure, military, humanitarian and other uses. One thing that is certainly true , is that tents have evolved a lot over the millenia.

One type of tent most favoured by overlanders and 4WD Campers is the Roof Top Tent (RTT).  In this article we take a look at the TEMBO 4×4 Roof Top Tent,  a tent designed to handle both warm and cold weather environments.
Roof top tents have been used for decades by overlanders as a comfortable and relatively safe place to rest and get some sleep while on a long driving journey.

Its easy to see why RTTs are so popular with Overlanders and 4WD campers. These tents are easy and quick to setup and to take down, in general all it takes is removing the cover, pulling out the tent and inserting a few window poles. RTTs are supported by much stronger and more robust poles than normal ground tents, and so perform better and are more wind and storm resistant in general than ground tents are.

Most RTT users also admit to generally feeling safer when perched up off the ground in their cosy elevated room, another benefit is keeping the tent safe from insects, snakes and other larger creatures, whether it be wild cats or dogs, or merely curious foxes.

Most RTTs such as the rugged Tembo RTT can allow travellers to experience a comfortable and safe night’s sleep wherever a vehicle pulls up at night.

Adding an annexe to a RTT adds a second level of enclosed comfort, here the Tembo 4×4 Roof top tent annexe provides an enclosed area underneath the tent which also encloses the ladder. The annexe comes with a hard-wearing zip in, PVC floor, the annexe can be fully sealed or the doors can be rolled up to allow wind blow through the mesh door covers. The interior rear wall can also be zipped closed or can be opened and rolled up to allow access to the side doors of the vehicle through the back wall of the annexe.

An annexe like this is the perfect place, to cook, work and plan your route, while the outdoor environment is a little too harsh to sit outside. It also allows for the tents itself to be left open allowing for air circulation between the tent and the annexe.

Tembo Produces a range of tents made from heavy canvas which is suitable for use in cold and wet environments. Learn more at :

The Tembo 4×4 Roof Top Tent – The Benefits of Using Roof Top Tents

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