The Kargo Karrier an Innovative Land Rover Drawer Storage Solution from Tuff-Trek

As keen campers we are always trying to reduce the time spent packing our Land Rovers and trying to improve how we store bits and bobs in the back of our vehicles.

It’s all about making these quick camping getaways as painless as possible When we first came across the Kargo Karrier from Tuff-Trek we were immediately interested in how this clever storage product could immediately help us improve our ongoing storage issue in the back of our short wheel base Land Rover Defender.

Tuff-Trek have been coming up with some clever storage solutions in recent years and if you had a chance to read issue 6 of the magazine you would have seen us cover the Tuff-Trek tailgate storage pieces that nealy attaches to the rear door of most Land Rover Defenders.

This new innovative product simple called the Kargo Karrier is another piece of the jigsaw that will help you achieve workable storage solutions that will assist in giving you easy access to all of your camping gear.

This unique patented protected Defender storage solution has been designed and manufactured exclusively by TUFF-TREK® and it’s function is to optimise dead space in the roof of your Defender.

Kargo Karrier ™ is ideal for overlanding or working Defenders but equally suited for leisure use. Kargo Karrier ™ is designed to fit camping chairs and other bulky or awkward to store equipment, and with a unique hinged action system it allows easy access to your gear. Twin adjustable stays can be set to allow the unit to drop down to a user defined height, allowing you to fit pets, fridges etc underneath with no risk. The Kargo Karrier is constructed using steel welded mesh and steel tube and all powder coated in a durable gloss finish.

This clever storage design is almost invisible in your rear view mirror, with no impact on your rear visibility.

The Kargo Karrier is designed specifically for late 90 & 110 Defenders with grab handles in the rear (side and back) with a unique ‘no drill’ fitting system (late model SW/Utilities etc) the unit is simple and quick to fit and can be removed easily if required.

Kargo Karrier ™ can also be fitted into hard top 90’s, 110’s and even Series vehicles. You will need to drill 4 holes per side and rear of the gutter inside the vehicle and attach the custom brackets directly, it’s as simple as that.
The Kargo Karrier an Innovative Land Rover Drawer Storage Solution from Tuff-Trek

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