The CTEK 140A OFF ROAD CHARGING SYSTEM combines the D250SA 20A charger with the SMARTPASS 120 power management unit for the ultimate off road charging system.

In Issue 7 of the magazine we had a look at the new CTEK 140A Dual Battery System. CTEK is one of the world’s leaders in vehicle power management systems and with the 140A off road solution has introduced the ultimate 12V on-board power package for your vehicle(s) The 140A OFF ROAD CHARGING SYSTEM PACKAGE comprises of the CTEK D250SA Dual Smart Charger and Smartpass along with a NEW CTEK DIGITAL POWER MONITOR that gives you full knowledge and control of your available battery power.

This new CTEK battery power monitor shows you how much “Time to Go” before your secondary service battery is fully discharged or fully recharged. With this system you can sit back and relax because you know how long your battery will last.

The package is also relatively easy to install in your touring vehicle.

Benefits of Dual Battery Systems

So what are the benefits of dual battery systems? Well when you get used to having a system like the CTEK 140 Offroad solution on board its very difficult to travel on extended trips without one.

One of the real benefits is being able to set up camp for a couple of days and run a fridge freezer, camping lights and charge some of your gadgets without worrying about your starter battery going dead.

Systems like the CTEK 140A are designed to ensure the deep-cycle battery is charged smartly, without the chance of the vehicle’s starting battery being discharged.If you plan on extending your camping trip you can now easily attach a solar panel to the CTEK 140A allowing you to top up your deep cycle battery when stationary and enjoy your favorite remote camping spot for longer.

Installing the CTEK 140A Offroad Solution

The CTEK 140A dual battery system is designed to be easily installed in your 4WD and comes with easy to understand installation instructions and advice.

Typically the starter battery should be between 55Ah to 100Ah for automotive applications. Also the starter battery should never be deeply discharged. When connecting the system to a solar panel it is
recommended that the output power should range between 50W to 300W. Output voltage may not exceed specified voltage limit of the D250SA. If possible, connect the negative wire directly to service battery.To get D250SA to support a Smart alternator you need to connect the Red Smart Alternator cable to the ignition.

The temperature sensor should be attached onto the service battery. For more details on installing the system, click here


Questions and Answers

My battery is made up of a bank of several batteries. Is that a problem?
Not as long as the combination produces a nominal 12 volts, and all the current drawn from the bank passes through the shunt.

Can the CTEK MONITOR monitor my engine starting battery as well as my service battery?
No, it cannot. The service battery is in continuous use, and so needs continuous monitoring. The starter battery, however, is subject only to periodic heavy loads followed by float charging, and so does not need to be monitored.

Which battery sizes can Smartpass 120 be used with?
28 – 800Ah

Where in the vehicle shall i fit the D250SA?
Close to the secondary battery and as cool as possible.

Can I use D250SA for lithium batteries?
No, it works only with lead acid batteries.

The CTEK 140A OFF ROAD CHARGING SYSTEM combines the D250SA 20A charger with the SMARTPASS 120 power management unit for the ultimate off road charging system.

Introducing CTEK 140A Dual Battery Charging System