Soft Shackles . Vehicle recoveries using snatch straps require a lot of kinetic energy and if something breaks in the middle of a recovery it can cause a lot of damage, serious injury, and even fatalities. The most damage can be caused when a metal shackle breaks and is hurled through the air at high speed.

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Soft shackle – 9.5T (6MA1016)
UHMWPE rope soft shackle with protection sleeve – sliding / self tightening design – rot-proof – 9.5 ton break load
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Also available in 5T, 16.5T and 26.5T versions


Unfortunately these freak accidents do happen and can be prevented by using good quality recovery gear and attaching shackles and straps to rated recovery points on your vehicle. In recent years we are starting to see more soft shackles entering the market as an alternative to metal shackles.

Soft shackles have been used by yachtsmen for years as metal shackles are not very practical for use on boats.

They are made up of ultra-high- molecular-weight polyethylene /dyneema rope and are equally as strong as a metal shackle, they are much lighter, will float are rot proof and most importantly they can be safer to use. We have been using the euro4x4parts soft shackles over the last couple of weeks and our first reaction was how strong and well these products performed in recoveries considering how light they are. We had never used soft shackles before and we were very interested in how they would compare with metal shackles.

Because they a lighter in comparison to metal shackles,they immediately feel safer to use and that’s a big plus. After a couple of recoveries we noticed that they did not stretch after pulling the Land Rover Defenders out of muddy and sandy conditions. Given that they are as strong as a metal shackle, lighter and easily stored they certainly have a number of benefits in comparison to metal shackles and having used them for the first time they will now have a permanent place in our recovery bags.

Euro4x4parts have an extensive range of soft shackles in their catalogue with a break load rating ranging from 5000 kg to 26500 kg. They include the 6MA1015, 6MA1016, 6MA1017and the 6MA1018. For more information on the euro4x4parts range of shackles please click here.


  • they are lightweight and will reduce the carry load in your vehicle
  • Soft shackles are very flexible and easy to wrap around almost anything.
  • they are easy to undo after a recovery.
  • soft shackles are also a one piece design with no threaded pin to loosen or jam.
  • they won’t scratch or damage the paintwork on your vehicle.
  • as they are manufactured from ultra-high- molecular-weight polyethylene /synthetic rope soft shackles will float if dropped in wet muddy environment where a steel shackle can disappear forever. So no more dipping your arm elbow deep in the mud looking for your metal shackle.
  • they are durable.
  • you can save time by using soft Shackles as they can be quickly applied to any situation, no more unscrewing and screwing pins like on a hard shackle.
  • soft shackles are easy to store in your vehicle, be in your storage drawer system, your dedicated recovery bag,under your seat, wrapped around your roll or hanging from a hook like object in your vehicle.
  • one of the main benefits are that soft shackles will not ‘project’ themselves like a metal shackle should the shackle break making them much safer. By using a soft shackle you effectively remove a very heavy and potentially lethal standard metal shackle from your recovery kit.


  • Soft shackles can get damaged from sharp edges on your vehicle so be careful where you attach the to, they should be attached to rated recovery points.
  • Life expectancy of soft shackles are lower than steel shackles. Soft Shackles.