Portable Storage Solutions in your 4WD. Anybody who is reading this article probably loves camping with your 4WD and enjoys nothing more than packing up your vehicle and getting off the beaten track as far away and as often as you can. A key part of a successful and painless trip is being able to store your equipment in a way that will protect your camping gear from getting damaged but also having efficient options that allows you to quickly access your equipment quickly and safely.

There is nothing worse than pulling up to your camp after a long day’s driving, feeling tired and hungry and finding yourself having to spend the next hour or so searching and trying to access your food and camping equipment in the back of your 4WD.Over the years we have learned the importance of having a quick and a basic camp set up but more importantly being able to know where to find your key camping equipment and food.

Storage preparation for camping trips with the family can be a daunting task particularly when trying to decide what to bring, there is no doubt that we all have the tendency to bring more camping equipment on trips than we actually need.

For us, one too many bad experiences have helped us to fine tune that which we believe makes our 4WD camping trips a much more enjoyable and comfortable experience. Remember the less time you spend setting up camp means the more time you can spend enjoying your surroundings, getting your fire going, preparing some food, cracking open a cold beer and sitting back and relaxing as the stars unfold into the night sky.

As highlighted above the time spent coming up with a system that will save you time when setting up camp is time very well spent. Camping drawers built into your vehicle are a great idea to store and easily access your gear but this option can be expensive, however good quality (stackable) storage boxes neatly packed in the back of your 4WD or on your roof rack are an affordable option, lets have a look at a couple of portable options.


Who would have thought a large canvas bag would be so useful for gathering and carrying and storing firewood when camping and also for using it to store your rubbish and take it home in after a couple of days camping. The simplest ideas are always the best, we have all been there, arriving at your camp and having to go and pick up whatever firewood you can carry at one time. The DRIFTA bags are made from 12 ounce canvas and can be got in two sizes. The medium sized back is closed with velcro sewed into the canvas and the large bag is closed using a draws. www.drifta.eu


The James baroud Eco Bag is another great solution for storing dirty boots, or anything that you would like stored outside of your 4WD vehicle. It can also be used for storing rubbish providing a dedicated space to discard trash while staying out of your way. Made of durable, waterproof material, the Eco Bag is designed to handle anything you can throw at it. With the straps attached the Eco bag is designed to fit onto tour spare well at the back of your vehicle but can also be used as a portable storage bag. www.jamesbaroud.org


Dometic products are well respected in the development of fridge freezers and in the Icebox industry Their Cool-Ice boxes are very well made and are a great mobile storage solution for storing drinks and food particularly if you don’t have an on-board fridge freezer. They have an impressive thick polyurethane refrigeration grade foam insulation and are carefully designed to have the optimal performance / weight / volume ratio. These iceboxes boast an intelligent Labyrinth Seal Design. When the lid is closed the adjacent dike in the lid combined with the raised tongue on the box collar creates a highly effective labyrinth seal against external ambient hot air. This keeps the inside cool while stopping the outside heat from getting in!

The benefits of these ice boxes as a storage option are they are strong have Integrated tie-down points. They have very low heat absorption, they are lightweight, hygienic and easy to clean.

They have a strong, seamless, UV stabilized/food grade polyethylene CFC free construction and you can choose from eight different models. You can get a couple of days of cold beers in these with the ice lasting for a couple of days though that depends on how many times you open it.


These heavy duty construction can take a beating, and will protect the contents of your case. The comfortable side handles are great for carrying the case, and you can always have 1 person on each side carrying the case if it is packed.The side handles can also be used as tie-down points, if you want to secure the case in a fixed position so it doesn’t move around in your vehicle, caravan or boat. Spacecase are high strength storage containers that won’t rust or dent. They are rotationally moulded from low density polyethylene and are suitable for use in a wide range of applications.

The 2 heavy duty latches will keep the lid secured on, so that everything is neatly put away, and for peace of mind, the latches are pad-lockable so you keep the contents secure.


Plano have been building these boxes for nearly sixty years. They have soft cases and hard cases; backpacks and duffels; boxes of every shape and size. It all started with one tackle box, but it has grown into much more. One of the benefits of these cases are that they have an integrated handle and built-in wheels which are a real bonus as they make transporting this case easy,even when it is packed with gear. You won’t strain your back when wheeling the case along!

The tie-down brackets on each end are great when you want to secure the case in a fixed position, so it doesn’t move around in your vehicle, caravan or boat. Constructed from durable Polypropylene materials, the Plano Storage Case can take a beating and still get the job done.


Keep small items and maps to hand with a convenient storage net pocket. The Bearmach door mounted nets are a great way to quickly access
documents and maps when on the road. These nets are easily installed and a must for all tourers. For more information on the Bearmach net pockets click here.


The Howling Moon Single Seat Storage was created to make use of unoccupied space behind the front seats, to allow maximum organization and utilization of space. The pockets can accommodate a variety of items from toiletries, maps to flashlights to snacks, and any other items you may want close at hand. It is also a great accessory for kids on road trips, to store all their activities or toys.

The seat storage is made of the same mil-spec rips-top canvas as the esteemed Howling Moon tents, and is attached to the seat with adjustable nylon webbing straps, to fit any seat.These innovative storage solutions can be purchased at XP-edition who are based in Switzerland but who’s on-line European shop post these products all over Europe.

Portable Storage Solutions in your 4WD

Quality Hand Made Canvas Bags- Made in Australia by Drifta

4WD and Camping Equipment from TUFF TREK

Camping Spare Wheel Bag from Euro4x4Parts – Bag Mounted on Spare Wheel