Hot Stew on the Road

Dutch ovens are big cast iron pots with lids and are great for camp cooking with.They can be placed in a campfire or over an oven or flame and can be used to roast , fry,bake and stew various one pot meals.

We love making stew in our dutch ovens especially when the weather starts to get a bit cooler.Recently we cooked up an easy to prepare Guinness Stew Pie on one of our recent camping trips and it went down a treat after a long day touring some challenging tracks..



200ml of GUINNESS, 400g stewing diced beef,1 medium onion – diced,1 large carrot – diced,1 large celery – diced,1 large parsnip – diced,1 litre of thick beef stock,sprigs of fresh thyme and
rosemary,potato and spring onion.


Stir fry the beef, add the vegetables and cook till tender, then pour the GUINNESS and reduce by half. Add the beef stock and herbs and simmer very slowly for between an hour and hour and a half. Serve with potatoes and that’s it.


Guinness Pie From a Pot- Camp Cooking Recipe

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