Shocks and Springs from Bearmach. Are the factory suspension and shocks on your vehicle up to the task for the uses to which you put your vehicle? Does it ride smoothly after you have loaded it up with the family, your camping and touring gear and when you take your pride and joy off road to get to your favorite camping spot?

In many cases the standard factory spring and shock suspension often improve with an upgrade and that is why we now see so many companies offering after-market products which often provide tailored made components which give more strength and which in turn will help your vehicle perform better.

If you do decide to upgrade the springs and shock on your vehicle it’s not as simple as finding the first kit on the shelf and attaching it.. The types of springs and shocks you will need on your vehicle really depends on what your requirements are. If you are just into touring and carrying additional gear on your roof rack as opposed to hard core off-roading well the likelihood is that the type of suspension you require will vary.

Springs come in different strengths which often depend on the steel incorporated in the product, with an ever growing availability of after-market heavy duty springs offering better strength and choice for your suspension upgrade.

The key function of a good suspension is to absorb bumps on the road and give you a more comfortable ride. For example your vehicle springs will absorb challenging terrain and allow your vehicle to ride over potholes by reducing the effects of a sudden impact when driving.

Your shocks are equally as important, their main function is to dampen the impact and to control the movement of your wheels. Shocks effectively help control the impact and movement of your vehicle’s springs and suspension, they also reduce vibrations amongst other things. Your shocks play a key role in limiting the effects of rugged terrain that you may encounter on the tracks and work hard to keep your vehicles tyres on the ground which ensures better control of your vehicle.

Bearmach are proud sponsors of the Bell Family’s Adventure around the world in their custom built Land Rover Defender


We have recently installed some shocks and springs from the UK based Bearmach. These NEW GAS shocks are new to the market having recently been released following three years of R&D

Since 1958, Bearmach Limited has been the market leader in the provision of after market Land Rover parts and accessories and it is now one of the largest online sellers of parts for all Land Rover vehicles, worldwide.

Bearmach have a huge variety of products that are constantly being upgraded and introduced.

The recently introduced GAS shocks improve stability and ride comfort for touring, load carrying and towing for 4-wheel drive applications.
Developed over a three year period with a world-recognised manufacturer, these shock are tough.

The new shock absorbers are also sensitive to the length and speed of suspension movement and are designed to supply precisely the amount of damping resistance required at any time. This ensures that the suspension’s spring remains in control, performing its intended role and promoting maximum tyre grip on the road and when taking your vehicle off road.

They also boast an advanced control for a comfortable ride and better handling. Bearmach claim that the improved multi-lip high pressure seals, prevent leaks and are designed to permanently seal the oil or gas inside the shock. These shocks are also built with a heavy-duty twin-tube construction technology. They are also reinforced, and have double-welded mountings for long term durability.

Bearmach are confident in these new shocks performance and offer a generous 3-year extended warranty.

If you have a lift in your Land Rover no drama as the new Bearmach shock absorbers are ideal for standard or raised height Land Rovers.The shocks also come with heavy duty bushes and cup washers.


These shocks support some of the vehicle’s weight, while offering better control at higher demands and speeds.

The Bearmach Hydraulic Shocks use the same hardware as the Bearmach Gas Shocks. So, they are a very good quality oil / hydraulic shock.

Premium grade oil used to withstand high operating temperature and continued rigorous use.

Large 35mm bore and piston is greater than most original equipment size and provides an increased oil capacity for greater ride improvement.

DU® bushed pilot bearing- means better support for the shaft, greater side load capabilities and less strain on the top seal. This prolongs the life of the unit and lessens the possibility of hydraulic oil loss.

Designed with prolonged life expectancy.

The Bearmach Twin Tube Gas Shocks are a PREMIUM quality nitrogen charged gas shock and are sold at a very competitive price. On initially installing these shocks and new Bearmach springs on the TURAS Land Rover Defender 90 we were very impressive with their road handling

Bearmach have been extensively testing these shocks over the toughest off-road terrain over a 3-year period and are confident that they are up to taking on the harshest off road tracks. We certainly gave them a good work out off road and they were more than up to the task.

In the shocks development Bearmach have also worked on ensuring that these shocks are less prone to overheating and hence giving them a longer life.


A 5mm sintered iron, one piece, PTFE banded piston.
DU® bushed (metal composite with steel back, sintered bronze & PTFE) bearing.
Disc valve system used in the piston & foot valve.
Bearing slip ring to provide immediate performance and no “bleed back”.
Nitrogen gas pressurised – reduces shock fade – making shocks work longer and harder.
Designed with prolonged life expectancy.

Shocks and Springs from Bearmach