The ARB Adventure Light 600 is the latest high tech adventure/work light from ARB. This compact portable lighting system uses the latest generation of LED technology to produce a bright, robust and long lasting outdoor light. The light is useful in a wide range of situations. We always bring it along with us on our camping and road trips. Its also very useful on the road or in the garage as a vehicle maintenance light.

The light has two power settings, the Low beam provides 300 lumens of light for about 6 hours, while the high setting provides 600 lumens for about 3 hours. The light takes about 4 hours to charge when it is fully depleted. There are 3 charging options, 12 volt, USB and mains power. There is also a backlit battery meter LED which can be seen by holding the power button.

The light is very versatile, two strong magnets on the back allow for it to be attached under the hood or to the fuselage of a vehicle for vehicle maintenance or to illuminate a campsite. Two strong nylon hooks, stored in a recess at the back of the light also allow for it to be hung in a tent for example , where the low power setting provides ample light for reading or working in the dark. The construction is rugged and durable, the light is splashproof and can be operated in the rain and very wet conditions, it is not submersible however.

We love this light, it is light, rugged, powerful and versatile and we expect it will have quite a long operating life. It also comes with a 2 year warranty. A definite thumbs up from the TURAS team. The ARB Adventure Light 600