3 Handy Camping Hacks . Its a pain when you are out on a trip and you lose your bar of soap or drop it somewhere inaccessible or gritty. Why not make soap ‘portions’ for your next trip get a bar of soap and peel slices or rolls away from it with a vegetable peeler. Store the portions in a plastic food bag. Use a single portion per wash.

On a short trip and don’t want to carry too much charcoal or firelighters? Carry some charcoal in an old egg carton, when ready to cook place the carton in your grill and light the entire thing. Instant BBQ.

Instant ‘real’ coffee. Before you head out on your next trip, put a serving of coffee into a coffee filter, tie it up with some dental floss and pack it away. When in camp you can use this homemade coffee bag just like a tea bag. Instant real coffee, yum.

Have you any camping tips you would like to share? Let us know.

3 Handy Camping Hacks