Tips for pitching a ground tent. Choose a flat and preferably shaded/sheltered site, with shelter from wind rain and sunshine. Be careful not to pitch your tent in a gully or depression where water may gather or even flow if the weather changes.

Ensure that there are no rocks, tree roots or other bumpy or sharp objects on the ground where the tent will be.  Before you start pitching, are you sure you have enough space for the tent, know your tent’s dimensions, including fly sheets and guy ropes.

Make sure you know where the nearest water supply is available (if you have not brought in your own water) try to pitch close (but not too close) to water.

Where is your toilet going to be? Make sure to find a suitable location at least 200 feet away from the nearest water source as outlined in the Leave No Trace principles. This will keep the water source clean. Is the location safe? Be aware of sudden drop offs, holes or depressions which may cause trips or falls in the darkness.

Is camping permitted in the area or do you need permission?

When you are all setup, have a stable and weatherproof shelter for the night, relax and enjoy the scenery 😀

Tips for pitching a ground tent.

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