‘Hidden Gem’ Campsites of Europe

Rosselba le Palme camping- Elba Island – Italy

The stunning Elba island is the biggest of the islands in the Tuscan archipelago. Elba is also the closest to the mainland and is situated in one of the most picturesque parts of the Tyrrhenean Sea. Elba is also part of the Arcipelago Toscano National Park, and the third largest island in Italy, after Sicily and Sardinia. Elba is about 50km east of the French island of Corsica. On the south of the island, there are large sandy beaches, interspered with rocky outcrops and on the north the coastline is lined with rocky gorges and small stony inlets. The ferry to Elba is approximately an 15 hour drive from Calais. Followed by a short 30 minute hop accross in the Cavo – Piombino ferry, run by Mobylines. Rosselba le Palme campsite will really appeal to Campers who seek nature holidays. Tents and caravans are placed in the shade of wonderful palms and tropical trees, in one of the Island of Elba’s most beautiful natural settings. The campsite offers mobile homes of various sizes, rental caravans, glamping in a range of beautiful huts and tents and also camping for caravans and camper vans to car motorcycle or on foot campers. The facilities are wonderful with a nice bar, restaurant and mini market. There is a good swimming pool, a beach and a gym. There are numerous daily activities for kids , games in the pool and around the island, and also a kids restaurant. The campsite also runs a course for “Young Explorers” every week during the high season that takes kids on a nature trip that provides guided excursions, meteorological observations, mineral collections, barbecues and nights in a real Scouts camp, all provided by highly skilled guides.  http://www.rosselbalepalme.it/en/

Babou Maramures- Breb – Romania

Its a 20 hour, 2,000km drive from Calais to Breb, Maramures, travelling through between 4-5 countries depending on your chosen route. The Babou Maramures campsite is situated in Breb at the foot of mount Gutai in the beautiful and traditional Maramures region. From the garden of the main house you can walk into the fields, the forests and up to mount Gutai or explore beautiful and historic Breb town. The campsite is run by Matthijs and Eveline, a Dutch couple who moved to Romania in March 2010. The campsite is situated in the garden behind the house where they have around 6000 square metres available for tents and campers, where you can choose your own pitch. There are hammocks and fire pits also dotted about the site, which are available for campers use. The campsite also provides a tent for rent -for a minimum stay of two nights-.
In the tent, which is meant for one or two people, there is a full double mattress and fresh linen, the tent also has a great view overlooking the mountains. The last 900 metres to the site is through the village on an unpaved road, which means the road is covered with gravel and small stones. For cars and jeeps, this is no problem. Small campers and caravans also can reach the site, unfortunately the road is not suited for caravans larger than 5.5 metres and campers larger than 6 metres. http://baboumaramures.com/

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Huttopia Forest Village- Senonches – France

It’s a 3 and a half hour,326 KM  drive from Calais to Camping Huttopia  at Senonches. The campsite which is also Just 140 km from Paris,  is located with in the le Perche national park.

The Perche is one of 51 designated Regional Natural Parks in France – an inhabited rural area of remarkable beauty whose environment and cultural heritage is at risk. Thanks to the Park, a strategy is in place to ensure its sustainable development.  This involves a wide range of social, cultural and economic initiatives to protect nature, share local traditions and support the local community into the future.

Huttopia offers environmentally-friendly holidays amid nature for people looking to get away with the family in a lovely piece of wilderness.

The campsite is eco-friendly with an emphasis on getting off the grid and away from ‘civilization’ for a few days, inviting people to savour an alternative experience in the heart of nature based on simplicity, comfort and complete harmony with nature

The campsite has a private ‘forest’ which can be, explored by foot, bicycle or on horseback and  a  variety of original and fun nature-based activities are available every day of the week during the summer.

The site offers a range of comfortable, high-quality facilities that blend harmoniously into the environment, within the forest there is an amazing  complex of eco-designed wooden buildings, a natural swimming pools that uses plants instead of chemicals for maintenance.  Around the huts are huge and well-shaded spaces and a variery of different and very unique rental huts and tents made from canvas and wood that enables you to camp in luxury.

There is a small lake where you can go boating, in one of the small row boats or you can sip a coffee on the terrace, watching boaters on the lake. https://europe.huttopia.com/en/site/senonches/

‘Hidden Gem’ Campsites of Europe

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