Exploring Finland. Garret Bradshaw of Landrover X Ireland shares some of his experiences on the road in Finland.

“Finland was the 8th Country on my 18 country trip. I came in through Sweden in November 2016. At -20 degrees this was a far distance from what I am used to back home in Ireland but I was well used to it by now. My first stop was in Rovaniemi where I spent the night. Rovaniemi is beautiful city which is right on The Arctic Circle in Finish Lapland and home to Santa Claus & Santa’s village boasts an actual line Depicting the Arctic Circle running through it. I couldn’t resist the photo opportunity. Its also an excellent stopping point for family’s with kids where they can send a letter to Santa.

The second day I made my way South to Pyhäjärvi Finland. Despite the fresWhly falling snow and the constant low temperatures the roads in Finland are very well serviced and safe to travel.
This part of Finland is spectacular, containing lots of beautiful lakes and forests and also grazing

Reindeer that are often seen very close to the roads. At one point I turned a bend in the road and came across a small herd of 8 reindeer grazing on the side of the road. It was thrilling to see them in their natural environment , feeding and not concerned about this camera-toting interloper. . After a few snaps I decided to leave as i didn’t want to disturb them.

On day 3 I made my Way to Helsinki to get the Ferry to Estonia. I stayed in a Campsite just outside of Helsinki a short 20 minute drive to the ferry termina, the campsite is open all year round and can facilitate everyone from backpackers to campers and also has log cabins available for hire. The facilities on site were good with hot showers, WiFi, Kitchens and a TV /Rec room.

Overall my abiding impression is of Finland as
a beautiful country that has the most amazing sunsets in Winter, the trip was worth it for this reason alone. The wildlife is abundant and feels very special to encounter. I never got to see the Northern Lights which was a disappointment, but I look forward to returning in the future with the hope of having another opportunity to witness them.”

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Some Interesting Facts About Finland.

Finland is the seventh largest country in Europe, in terms of area.With only 41 people per square mile, Finland is the most sparsely inhabited country in the EU. There are 187,888 lakes larger than 500 square metres in Finland.

Finnish roads are generally in good condition and there is plenty of beautiful, peaceful scenery along the way for you to enjoy. The general speed limit in Finland is 50 km/h in built-up areas and 80 km/h outside. Both limits are in force as long as no other speed limit is signposted. On major highways you can drive 100 km/h in the summer and 120 km/h on motorways.

In the winter months, all vehicles must have winter tyres – preferably studded. Roads are generally not gritted. Instead, they are maintained by snowploughs. In winter the general speed limit is reduced everywhere to 80 km/h.

The Finnish Transport Agency provides news updated and important information on road & weather conditions and on traffic & roadworks throughout Finland.


Exploring Finland

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