Camp Oven Bread – Made Easy. One of the easiest breads you can quickly bake in your camp oven is a simple Damper bread. This simple bread was originally made by Aboriginal Australians where they used seasonal grains in the recipe. The bread was then made popular by stockmen during the 1800’s as they drove cattle all over Australia.

These men carried limited supplies as they traveled by horse with only basic rations such as flour, sugar,dried meats and water. For these nomads freshly baked Damper Bread was a popular source of food after a hard day’s work. The basic damper ingredients included flour,water, milk and baking soda, with additional ingredients easily added depending on preference.

Back in those days the dough was simply added to the ashes from an evening campfire and baked. For those stockmen who were lucky enough to carry a camp or Dutch Oven the dough was placed on the hot ashes and then the hot coals placed on the lid of the camp over, this created an equal spread of heat and after 20 – 30 minutes a you will have a perfectly baked loaf, add some butter, red jam or syrup to your damper and you will have the perfect treat.

When we go on extended camping trips we always bring our Camping/Dutch Oven with us. The kids love the idea of kneading some dough placing it in the camp oven and baking a tasty camp bread over the open fire. It’s also very easy to add ingredients of your choice to the dough and this makes the whole experience great fun for the kids and of course the adults.

So what are you waiting for? get your camp oven for the coming camping season and start experimenting with your favorite ingredients and create your signature camp over Damper.

Camp Oven Bread – Made Easy

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