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Its around this time of year that we start tinkering with our vehicles to see what improvements we can make on our 4WD’s in preparation for the approaching Spring and Summer camping and touring seasons. A recent job that we completed on one of our vehicles included the installation of a REDARC Dual Battery System, one of the smartest systems on the market.

Gone are the days where dual battery systems are only found in RV’s and caravans. The installation of dual battery systems has become very popular in 4WD vehicles around the world, particularly in countries like Australia where most 4WD vehicles carry fridge freezers. But they also have a number of other uses that include giving you access to power to run lights and other appliances at your campsite for a couple of days at a time and making your camping experience a much more enjoyable one.

So how does it work?,well basically the setup is simple; a second or third auxiliary(deep cycle battery) is installed in addition to your starter battery.

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The second auxiliary battery is charged by your alternator when you are driving and when you stop and set up camp, the dual battery system cleverly separates your starter battery from your deep cycle batteries giving you the power to run all of your on board appliances without draining power from your starter battery.

So what are the benefits of dual battery systems; well when you get used to having a system on board its very difficult to travel on extended trips without one.

First of all it’s great to be able to set up camp for a couple of days and be able to run a fridge freezer, camping lights and charge some of your gadgets without worrying about your starter battery going dead.

Dual battery systems are designed to ensure the deep-cycle battery is charged, without the chance of the vehicle’s starting battery being discharged.

If you plan on extending your camping trip you can now easily set up a solar panel that can connect to your dual battery system allowing you to top up your deep cycle batteries when stationary.

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REDARC provide an easy to install solar solutions designed to suit a wide range of needs for your 4WD vehicle, camper trailer, caravan or motor home.For those who wish to stay a while and keep batteries charged solar products can provide excellent solutions and we will talk about these later.

With the help of Lorcan and Elliot who happen to be brothers and four wheel drive enthusiasts we decided to install the REDARC BCDC 1225D Dual Battery System into the Land Rover 90.

We came across the lads a while back after discovering their new and exciting 4WD business.The lads operate Pathfinders and are bespoke specialist that convert and restore both vans and 4WD vehicles into ultimate tourers and expedition vehicles. The brothers combine their electrical, mechanical qualifications and carpentry skills to build the ultimate touring vehicles. From installing pop up roofs, dual battery systems, paneling, kitchens, lighting and water systems to name but a few, these boys provide the full package and very quickly installed the REDARC BCDC into the Land Rover.

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REDARC’s range of in-vehicle Dual Battery Chargers like the BCDC 1225D is designed, built and tested in the harsh Australian conditions.With features like fully sealed construction and fan-free cooling – water, dust and vibration this system is built to handle challenging tracks and deep water crossings.

So whether you’re travelling through the steep and rocky tracks in the Alps or crossing rivers in the Northern Territory in Australia this system has you well covered.REDARC highlight that their knowledge of Australian conditions is engineered into every unit making them also more than suitable for most European conditions.

The lads at Pathfinders are guaranteed to provide you with the best solutions to suit your 4WD power needs;

Dual Battery Charger range operate up to a market-leading 80°C meaning they are going to work in even the most extreme heat of any country on the planet. A higher operating temperature and compact in size also allows for flexible installation options, from the engine bay to inside a van, 4WD or camper trailer.We chose to install the unit behind the passenger seat in the Defender as the leisure battery is located under the passenger seat.

With more and more electrical devices being used when travelling,along with more complex vehicle electrical systems, having the right battery charging solution has never been more important.

This BCDC Dual Battery Charger ensures optimum performance of electrical equipment such as fridges, lights, and even hydraulic pumps when they’re powered from a dual battery setup.One of the benefits of this system is that it uses a unique, multi-stage charging algorithm.

The BCDC Dual Battery Chargers have been designed to charge any commonly-used automotive auxiliary battery to 100% while you’re on the move and from solar when you’ve stopped.

Charging profile

Most vehicle alternators are not designed to fully charge an auxiliary battery, an insufficient charge rate will, at best, shorten the life and performance of the auxiliary battery but may result in the battery being flat when least expected.

The REDARC BCDC in-vehicle battery charger ensures your auxiliary battery will achieve and maintain an optimal charge regardless of its type or size. The charging algorithm has also been independently verified and tested to ensure battery life is maximised.

Charging algorithm

The BCDC also features a three stage charging algorithm,when the vehicle has started charging the main battery and it reaches the required voltage level the BCDC charger will commence charging the auxiliary battery in boost, the boost stage maintains a constant current until the battery reaches its predetermined ‘absorption’ voltage. The BCDC charger will then remain in the absorption stage holding its set voltage until the battery is 100% charged. The BCDC charger then switches to the ‘float’ stage where it retains the 100% charge until a load on the auxiliary battery causes the battery voltage to drop below a predetermined voltage where it then re-enters the boost stage.

Well thanks to Lorcan and Elliot from Pathfinders for another professional job completed in the Landy.The new REDARC Dual Battery System now gives us a reliable dual battery system to adequately run our on board fridge freezer, lights and other camping appliances with confidence. Now it’s time to find that perfect camping spot and set up camp for a couple of days and not worry about running out of power .

The award winning Australian company REDARC design and manufacture a range of battery management products for the European Recreational Vehicle market including our SBI battery isolator, BCDC In-Vehicle DC to DC Charger and the Manager30 battery management system.

In 2015 REDARC was accepted as a supplier member in the CIVD – Europe’s largest caravaning industry association. For the last 50 years, the CIVD has represented the interests of European manufacturing industrial companies in the caravaning industry.

With a logistic partner based in Poland, REDARC is now well positioned to deliver a high level of customer service by making the REDARC products accessible to all distributors, trades and end consumers to any destination throughout Europe so keep an eye out for these high quality products.

This is a link to where you can purchase the BCDC dual battery system in Europe it’s a supplier in the UK

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