Leave no Trace – MISSION

Leave No Trace inspires responsible use of the outdoors through partnerships, research and education. It teaches people how to enjoy the outdoors responsibly.

As pressure on our landscapes and seascapes from recreational use continues to increase, it is necessary that systems are put in place which will ensure that visitors to the countryside, whether locals or tourists, visit with care.

In the UK, currently, three different versions of the Country Code exist. In 1999, the Countryside Access and Activities Network (Northern Ireland) revisited the Country Code and modified it to make it more relevant to recreational users. More recently, England and Wales published a new Country Code following the introduction of the CROW Act and Scotland published another version, the ‘Access Code’, following the introduction of its freedom to roam legislation.


The Leave no trace programme strives to build awareness, appreciation and respect for natural and cultural heritage and is dedicated to creating a recognised and accepted outdoor ethic that promotes personal responsibility. It encourages all outdoor enthusiasts to do their part to maintain those lands used by the public for the benefit of the environment and for future generations.

The Outdoors Is Yours. Leave No Trace To Protect It.

Leave No Trace works to raise awareness and educate people about reducing their impact on the environment. “If You Bring It In, Take It Out” – take home all litter and leftover food (including tea bags, fruit

peels and other biodegradable
foods).To dispose of solid human waste, dig a hole 15-20cms deep and at least 30m from water, campsites and tracks. Cover and disguise the hole when finished.

Wash yourself or your dishes 30m away from streams or lakes and if necessary use small amounts of biodegradable soap. Bring home any solids and scatter strained dishwater. Leave no Trace

Visit the Leave no trace website.